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Portfolio Projects

100% excellence in service quality

Herbein can perform all kinds of home projects. Our services include design and drafting, consulting and evaluation, remodeling, and new construction.
We have completed projects ranging from building facades and other remodeling work to building completely new homes and even landscaping. We also perform interior remodeling work.

Project 1

Though we do all kinds of building and remodeling, Herbein has its specialties. One of the things we specialize in is remodeled kitchens. We are experts at custom kitchen design and we can even source custom cabinetry for your kitchen.

Project 2

Our other big specialty is personalized bathrooms. One of the most popular remodeling options is for bathrooms, typically because a client is tired of their outdated bathroom. We can build or remodel a bathroom to your specifications, with offerings including curbless showers, up to 6 shower heads in one, and even saunas and steam rooms.