We are a fluid company which can adjust to the needs of our clients.† We will do as little or as much of the work on your project as you would like.

Service List

We are adept at creating a personalized bathroom which is adjusted to your needs, curb-less shower, a shower with 1-6 heads, saunas, steam rooms and more.

Kitchens are another specialty of ours, custom cabinetry and custom design which is specific to your needs.† We have extensive photos of our work.


We will design, draft, engineer, survey, and construct the residence or commercial building of your choice

We also do TIís for the entrepreneur.†

We have completed landscape projects of various sizes.



New Construction

We do drafting in-house and can also provide a model of your project if you would like.†

We work well with designers and can provide you with one if your would like.†

DesignbyChris@msn.com is one we have used in the past.

Design & Drafting

We are up to date on construction law and codes and standards, thus we provide consulting services for attorneys.†

We also do verification and evaluation studies which measure lighting outputs at work stations and energy efficiency.†

Consulting & Evaluation